BYU Vocal Point
by on July 27, 2013 in Miscellaneous

I have not been able to stop listening to this performance, watching this video and now I’ve officially become McKay Crockett’s stalker.

When I was performing a week ago at Rock Canyon Studios I met up with someone who gave me a slip of paper.

It had “BYU Vocal Point” and McKay’s phone number, as the director of the group.

I thought, “Ok… cool… I’ll check it out…” Got SUPER busy preparing for this next run with Chicago and stashed the paper in my travel backpack.

I FINALLY got a bunch of little things done that had piled up and got to the paper… I did a quick search, saw a video on youtube for BYU Vocal Point doing a version of “Danny Boy”.

I was thinking… “Alright, this ought to be *nice*)

Whoa… not only was my jaw on the floor after listening and watching the beautiful video they made for it but I did a search for the lyrics to study them…

I found this link…


Read it and now I can’t help but listen to this beautiful performance and get filled with gratitude. It reminds me, again, to take in this moment… this moment in time…

Have a listen to this and please let me hear what you think about this.

Oh, and yes, McKay and I have been exchanging texts and *almost* connected by phone today… but it’s coming… I HAVE to be involved in these kids lives, if they’ll have me!


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