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I always love coming up here because it’s a music and arts school crowd we play to. Always gets my attention that there might be some young minds out there hearing something that could change the course of their life

Kind of the way I look at all areas of influence. It’s amazing how much I’ve changed when I think of the days I’d do and say what I wanted. Now I haven’t turned into a prude, I still have plenty of bad habits but it only stands to reason that whatever I’m doing out there is being watched by many. As parents, my wife and I are passing that along to our kids. Sure, we’ve come from a generation of pretty outlandish behavior… and not making any apologies for being authentic, but it’s time to see how much of an influence we have on those looking up to us.

It’s a constant monitoring of myself, but not in a bad way. Not in some overly obsessive way of questioning everything I say and do. It’s actually much more subtle than that… it’s more of when I’m about to do something or say something and there’s the slightest question of some negative impact, I’ll pause, hopefully…

And of course, many times I don’t get it right. But as the great Jim Rohn says, it’s a great thing to just be aware of it. If we don’t know, that’s called ignorance. I’ve been ignorant for many years… but now, I’m learning, just as the kids are we’ll play for tonight… I’ll do my best to all of you great people of the next generation! Jason

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  1. Don Dunsker says:

    First of all, I LOVE Chicago, and have seen the band in concert about 10 times. Always classic, and wonderful. I was at the concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana on August 27th. Just a quick question. That night James Pankow and Walt Parazaider did not play with the group. Were they ill and do their replacements usually travel with you or where do you get the backups from? Thank you again. Seeing you guys in concert is one of the highlights of my summers.

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