Our Self Image…
by on April 21, 2013 in Miscellaneous

This is truly amazing… it’s one thing to listen to the outside world and buy into its view of ourselves… accepting others’ plans for us but what about how we feel *personally?*.

Here’s proof positive that most of the time our self image is soooo off. Give yourself some credit…

My sentiment in this first week of my 51st year on the planet is to acknowledge the fact that we’re champions, from the start. The simple fact we made it here out of the millions that were competing for OUR chance… If we don’t feel that, we’re hanging around the wrong people.

Influence is everything… the examples are around us constantly. Look what happens when influenced in either direction, positive or negative. And we have the choice.

It’s never too late. Course correct.

In the meantime, how does this video hit you? Imagine sitting down and describing yourself what it would look like, and what someone who sees you in *their* eyes would describe. Very powerful…

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