Pacino joins Chicago!!!
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Jason Scheff Resume:  Worked with Al Pacino

I’ve always gotten a kick out of people who have resumes that include ridiculously bloated credits!  How can they possibly have worked with these folks?

Well, I just happened to fall into a moment last Friday night that gave me one of those credits… I guess, it is what it is…

Here is the video to prove it!

But seriously, I had heard Al was going to appear with us onstage but I had no idea we were going to shoot some footage for his upcoming movie during our intermission…

Yes, those in attendance at our Greek Theater show in Los Angeles this past Friday Night, August 2nd, 2013, will be the crowd in Al Pacino’s movie “Imagine”.

As we were playing our show I couldn’t help but think as I visit the city that launched so many things in my life, my career, starting my family… I looked up to the dramatic backdrop of the Greek, from the *band’s* perspective… yes, the view from the stage is otherworldy… surrounding a crowd of people are the most beautiful trees lit with colored lights… it’s truly amazing.

And when I stepped up to play piano and sing in a solo moment I said, “This is for all the dreamers out there… I came to this city in 1980, paid some dues and one day got to be a part of this, and here’s part of what happened…” and then started the intro of “Will You Still Love Me”.

So there you have it… again, Los Angeles provides one of those moments you have no idea is coming… just doing your thing and some legend suddenly needs you!  Al Pacino needs a crowd for his new movie, comes to do it at a Chicago concert and the next thing you know, the guy is starting me down during the last verse of 25 or 6 to 4 looking for the words!

Watch the end of the first video above for when he does this.  Imagine having this guy burning holes through you and YOU are leading him!  It was awesome… and then, I thought… “Uh oh, if I don’t pull this off, is he going to pull a gun out and do me in?  I’ve seen him do it many times before!”  HAAAAAAA!!!

Enjoy the day, it’s later than you think!  J

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