The Strike
by on July 29, 2013 in Miscellaneous

Ok… here’s another one!

Check these guys out… another INCREDIBLY talented bunch of people I got the privilege of meeting and working with while in Provo a couple weeks ago.

They came and did a night with me during my sessions at Rock Canyon Studios… I’m still just reeling in the aftermath of one of the most inspiring 11 days I’ve had.

You see, we had 11 days off between tours on this Chicago summer tour.  11 days off between a 3 week run and now into a 6 week run.  There was no rest for me.

I knew that if I waited until I came back home from the summer I would be missing out on amazing things.  Now is the time to work, to let things manifest, and boy, are they.

Check out my new favorite band… and yes, I’m working with them as well.  Just got off the phone with Chris, their lead singer, and we have plans!


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