Engelbert Humperdinck
by on February 3, 2018 in Miscellaneous
I’m VERY proud of being on this recording. I did all the background vocals on this track a few months back here in Nashville.
I’ve always loved this song written by the great writers Tony Tolliver and Jim Martin.
When I first started coming out here to Nashville around 2003 through the invitation of my pal Jay DeMarcus he had me sing background vocals on a version he was producing on Michael English.
And the world keeps getting smaller! I was talking to Wes Hightower over the last couple days and discovered he did the background vocals on the original version Michael English demo’d!
I hope you enjoy this… I can’t tell you how amazing it was to stand in a recording studio hearing this incredible voice coming to me in my headphones. Same experience hearing Elton John’s voice coming through my headphones and singing to that!
And another thing that makes me extremely proud of this is if you do some searching around the internet, Engelbert speaks very candidly about his wife suffering from Alzheimers. And it seems the motive for this project is expressing his love and sending these messages to his wife… what a beautiful sentiment. 


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