Is “You Found The One” the best wedding song, EVER?
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Well, that’s a pretty lofty goal and as the co-writer of the song I would have to say no… and that’s only because I’m so close to it that I would feel like an idiot saying something like that!

BUTTTTTT, I can’t tell you how many people have actually told me they feel that way.  And with the (kind of), re-release of my 1st solo album, “Chauncy”, the comments and reports are starting to come in again…

You see?  THAT’S why you need to keep creating your music and putting it out there JASON!!!!!

It’s about what it DOES for people… and so, it’s off to the races again.  SOOOO cool to be back in the game.

But going back to the question of what the best wedding song might be… wow, there are SO MANY choices and having been in the band Chicago for almost 30 years I’ve had more people than I can count tell me they’ve been married to Chicago songs.

Songs such as “You’re The Inspiration”, in fact, just last night a couple told me that was *their song*.

I have also had many people tell me that the first song that became a big hit for the band, “Will You Still Love Me” was their wedding song as well as all kinds of great milestones in their lives.

But getting back to “You Found The One”… funny how the fact my first solo album was really just an art project… smack in the middle of a great period for me having made many records with Chicago and having shared in a lot of success up to that point I was wondering if I’d ever do something out on my own because frankly… I didn’t really care.  Why would I?

If there is that great vehicle to point my songs toward, Chicago, why would I want to make solo records?

But the day came when my buddy Jack Forchette came to me and said there was an opportunity to make a solo cd for Japan.

Being that I had been hired to do many great projects for Japan I saw there was a demand for my stuff, so I jumped at it.

We had a short break one summer, I believe it was 1999, or maybe it was 1998… (someone help me with this!  Some of you remember!), and we had 30 days off between 2 heavy Chicago tours.

I took the deal to make my c.d. and POWERED through those 30 days.  It was the first time I was fully responsible… to produce and FINISH the project.

It was such a great learning experience because I didn’t have time to 2nd guess… I’m the kind of guy given an unlimited timeframe that I’ll just keep *undeciding*.  (nice word, huh?)  And I know a lot of people are like that…

But, having 30 days?  This was right in my wheelhouse… had to work fast, and we did!  John Keane hadn’t touched a drumstick in a year, he told me!  He’d been too busy scoring for his tv show, CSI… but he said he’d *try* to get what he could over that weekend we cut drums for “Chauncy”.

And guess what?  He cut ALL 9 songs in a day and a half… I knew it John!  Can’t keep a good man down!

So there it is… I’ll get into more detail on the making of Chauncy in another post but for now I just wanted to address that question.  What is the best wedding song EVER?

And I’m not asking the question for you to tell me it’s “You Found The One”!  I want to really hear what you think it is…

Please put it in the comments, if you would…

Until then… have a GREAT DAY and I’ll talk to you soon…



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  1. Jax says:

    Ok… I’m just now perusing your blogs — Wow what a treasure chest of goodies here J! — Of course, it makes me realize I’m not following well. Gotta get back on the wagon here. Love this song… and still perplexed about a “re-release” of Chauncy. I’m afraid I missed something big… will look into this! CHEERS m’friend.

  2. JasonicaPR says:

    Here’s my message after some corrections I did:

    Hi, Jason! I don’t know if “You Found The One” is the best wedding song… There are so many wonderful songs as well that could serve for that purpose. But it is of course a very beautiful, gorgeous song that may means a LOT for so many people!!!:) Of course that “You Found The One” is a song that could be the theme for many couples in love that will marry, and it’s a perfect Wedding song to be played at church, ant the reception, while the host is presenting the recently married couple, to be danced too, etc. The part in which a person that’s been very closed to the couple gives an emotional speech, that’s also a very good part to play this song. Whenever and however it’s used, this song would be very well received and I’m sure everybody would like/love it. Thanks for co-writing such a wonderful, fabulous jewel for the “Chauncy” album.

  3. JasonicaPR says:

    Oh, dear Jason…you want me to be really sincere? Another song, other than “You Found the One”?? Ok, you asked…

    “You Found The One” is definitely a perfect song for a wedding…Gorgeous and very appropiate, being it from the perspective of a man, describing how he feels when he’s in love, and asking one “how does it feel?”…But I think there are songs equally beautiful, and perhaps even more appropiate for a wedding…there are really several..Let’s mention some of them…

    “Long Lost Friend”, beautifully performed by a greatly talented man, and his fellow band member, equally talented.When you feel that the one you love is like a friend you have been waiting for all your life.

    “Will You Still Love Me”, yet another gorgeous song, wonderfully sung by the two same men from the song above mentioned.

    “Man To Woman”….A powerful, extremely beautiful song, one of the best from Chicago 21, sung by a man called Jason. 🙂

    “We Can Last Forever”…my favorite from Chicago 19…and I personally think it’s one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in all my life…It’s definitely perfect for a wedding, and I think it has already been used for that purpose.

    “I Believe”, beautiful song from Chicago 18 written by Bill Champlin, performed by him and Jason. Good that he has such a sensitivity to write sweet, tender, emotional songs like this one. Definitely a very talented, diverse man. One of my faves from Chi 18.

    “You’re The Only”, a song from I think ’93, done for a Japan project according to what I understand. Sung by Jason with Bill on backing vocals. Seems like a Chicago song, done for a Chicago album of that era. Such a beautiful gem that maybe not many people has the pleasure of knowing…It really deserves to be known worldwide. Very good for a wedding also.

    “Over and Over”, gorgeous, emotional song , beautifully sung by Jason Scheff for another Japan project, I guess in ’99. It’s so emotional and almost sad…Very intense and powerful. It speaks about “Let me show you Happiness”…I think it could be used for a wedding too.

    Ha ha ha…sorry I couldn’t help. 😀 There are so many gems performed by Jason, and I just wanted to bring them out, so people remember about them…Other day, when I have more time, I will write about songs from other artist I admire too, for real. I like so much to write about the music I truly love and enjoy!!! See ya soon! 🙂

  4. JasonicaPR says:

    Hi,Jason. There are many other beautiful songs that could be good for a wedding. Since you asked for it,here it goes…

    “Will You Still Love Me”, from Chicago 18 of course. Maybe I shouldn’t mention it…sorry if I talk too much…But it is so sweet and perfect!!:)

    “You’re The Only”, a beautiful song, beautifully performed also, that I believe you recorded for a Japan music love collection in 1993, you know exactly the details of it. It’s pretty powerful, romantic and ideal even for honey moon,at the beach, like it seems to be described.

    “Say Yes”: this song seems perfect for a wedding. It’s very romantic and passionate,and shows the innocence,sweetness and youth of the Jason of that era, approximately 1992 or something.

    There are so many other songs…to finish with Jason’s…I can’t help saying this…”Long Lost Friend” from XXX is so beautiful and gorgeous. It is part of an important era in Jason’s career. If I ever get married, perhaps I could use this song on my wedding.

    Other songs from other artists that I consider are so good for a wedding are:

    “The Search Is Over”, from Survivor,that is in their album” Vital Signs”from 1984… Powerful, strong, lovely song, and really well performed by Jimi Jamison.

    And…I think “Two Less Lonely People In the World” , performed by Air Supply, is perfect for a wedding and I’m almost sure it has been used by many couples through the whole world. It’s from their “Now And Forever” album from 1982….and, by the way, their song of the same name is also very beautiful, ideal for a wedding.

    Also from Air Supply…They have a song from their 1981 album The One That You Love” called “Tonite”. Never was a hit, but it’s very beautiful. This song I would use it on my wedding also. Songs like this doesn’t exist much anymore.

    These are some songs I love very much…If I think of others…I will come back and write as soon as I can.
    It’s always a pleasure to come here. See you soon! 🙂

  5. Alison Niles says:

    You know what is a great one? True Companion by Marc Cohn. The words just sweep you of your feet.

    I shared this opinion with a man I was serious with…and ended up marrying. BUT, when I told him my opinion, he said that it the wedding song in his last marriage. Should have seen THAT red flag haha. We’re now divorced after 12 years! 🙂

    Still looking for my true companion! 🙂 🙂

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