Not taking advantage…
by on March 9, 2013 in Miscellaneous

I just saw the coolest thing… I was in the parking lot at Staples and all of a sudden I hear a horn honking and then a *bump*.  You could tell it wasn’t massive but someone was backing out in the parking lot and backed into another car.

I watched the guy get out of the car and since I was all the way across the parking lot I didn’t hear any conversation… just saw body language…

I saw the man walk up with posture of being very SORRY.  He walked up to the driver’s window and you could see he was apologizing profusely.

The other driver gets out of her car, she’s probably in her 20’s, they go look at her bumper and then I see her shrug her shoulders and the man pulled her into a *side* hug.

I loved it… an honest mistake, accountability and a solid person who wasn’t going to try and take advantage of the situation.

In a world where we’re fed how bad things are… how we’re going down the tubes… I love this… a very simple example of good in the world.  I know it’s fairly trivial but it’s a sentiment… it’s something to build upon.

And I look for these things… it’s all about what we’re looking for…

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